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We believe the best reflection of our institute is how our students feel. We are happy and successful only when they are happy and successful. Here you'll find some of our past students' testimonials.

I have heard about MCA from my friends who were here before and I am very happy that I made decision to choose DIMT. I like the teachers and the staff. They are very helpful and kind to me.

- Vikram Sharma
MCA (2005-08)
Web Programmer (V6 Technology)

DIMT has good teachers and student services resources that work hard to help you every day, each moment. Actually, I'm very happy to have chosen this institute to improve my skills.

- Gaurav Sumran
MCA (2005-08)
Web Programmer (RV Corporation)

The first time I arrived at this institute, I was at elementary level but thanks to the excellent teachers I've made great progress and moved up to an advanced class. Thank you!

- Nisha Badeja
MCA (2007-10)
Web Programmer (Web App Interactive)